Hey! I have a weird question. I have a list of ob...
# coroutines
Hey! I have a weird question. I have a list of object and have to make a network call for every object, but they have to be made once a 10 seconds, and not faster. I was thinking, maybe I could somehow create a separate coroutine scope for each object and call a
inside each call inside the
. Any suggestions would be very welcome, thank you!
I don't think you need a separate scope for each call (unless you do for other reasons), but otherwise that sounds reasonable, something like
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val deferreds = objects.mapIndexed { index, value -> 
        async {
            delay(index * 10_000L)
But then obviously doing your networking stuff instead of
You also can just delay in forEach, it looks unnecessary to launch all coroutines together and even start coroutine for every call
I guess it depends if you expect the network call to return within those 10 seconds, I was assuming they potentially could take longer and you'd want to start the next call even if the previous one hadn't returned. And launching coroutines is very cheap. A bigger problem with my snippet is that it completely ignores error handling, which you definitely want to consider in practice.
yep, makes sense, depends on required semantics, should time of request be a part of delay or not
Thank you for the tips!