Hello everyone, tricky coroutine context question,...
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Hello everyone, tricky coroutine context question, will appreciate any help. I have 2 levels in my app:
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CoroutineExceptionHandler {...} + SupervisorJob() + Dispatchers.Default
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coreContext + (several custom elements holding activity reference) + Dispatchers.Main.immediate + SupervisorJob(coreContext[Job])
Let’s say I have
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// core level
class CoreModel(coreScope: CoroutineScope) {
  suspend fun operation(): Result {???}

// ui level
uiContext.launch { 
What is the correct way to implement
to run it on
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coreContext with job from current coroutine (to be cancelled when UI context is cancelled) and without custom elements (to prevent activity leaks)
? Ideally core level should know nothing about custom element’s keys.
Just wrapping content of operation with withContext(coreScope.coroutineContext) should be enough for this case
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Cancellation will work when uiContext.launch is cancelled
Do you really need core context in this case? Because it wouldn't cause any leak of activity in any case