2) coming from rxjava `Observable.just(1).startW...
# coroutines
2) coming from rxjava
emits 0,1 flow
flowOf(1).onStart { emit(0) }
emits 1,0 is this by design? a rx fix? pretty foot gunny when mkgrating also, what if the actual flow is replayed? if its "below" the onStart, id assume it emits first which is not good
They do different things, so it's expected
onStart is closer to onSubscribe from rxjava
There is no startWith in Flow as I know, but it's easy to write such operator using transform
Not sure you'd even need transform. Just emit and then emitAll wrapping an upstream flow
Yeah, right,. even easier
Okay thats news, .. is there some flow cheat sheet for rx people?
hmm https://kotlin.github.io/kotlinx.coroutines/kotlinx-coroutines-core/kotlinx.coroutines.flow/on-start.html
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flowOf("a", "b", "c")
    .onStart { emit("Begin") }
    .collect { println(it) } // prints Begin, a, b, c
I must be doing something wrong then
Oookay it works as expected, turns out I got punked by .asFlow() ­čś×
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            .map<Foo, Signal<Foo>> { Success(it) }
            .catch { emit(Fail(it)) }
            .onStart { emit(Loading) }
            .collect {
                Log.d("Default", "foo=$it")
                setState { copy(fooSignal = it) }

2020-10-24 19:30:06.870 30453-30501/sk.foo.flowplayground D/Default: foo=sk.foo.flowplayground.Loading@f0b3a3c
2020-10-24 19:30:06.872 30453-30501/sk.foo.flowplayground D/Default: foo=Success(value=Foo(foo=1))
2020-10-24 19:30:06.872 30453-30501/sk.foo.flowplayground D/Default: foo=Success(value=Foo(foo=1))

so how do I turn a suspend function into a flow ­čśä
I did flow { emit(repository.foo()) } but not sure that's the way to do it
yes that