Hey I am working on a custom coroutine dispatcher ...
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Hey I am working on a custom coroutine dispatcher for a programming game. I was wondering if anyone has experience doing that with Javascript to create a coroutine and then manual continue it onwards to create some sort of fake multi threading
i'm curious what the point of another dispatcher on js would be, what advantage does it have?
So the game is about building bots (you might have heard of screeps) and the main thing in that game is that you have N number of rooms and agents (creeps) that you control. But you have a limited amount of CPU time available. So using some sort of OS based approach is pretty helpful. The idea behind coroutines would be that I can split out execution of my tasks over multiple game ticks as the overall javascript VM does not reset between ticks
I've implemented a basic version but it feels a bit hacky and was wondering if people have better ideas
I think you might want to avoid using a dispatcher, and maybe just add some sort of custom
function that suspends until the next "tick", offering a much simpler interface than the dispatcher interface
sorry I was just calling about my code beeing the one triggering the resume etc. The only thing that I don't like at the moment is that: 1. I create a coroutine
body.createCoroutine(Continuation(process) {})
2. I store this continuation in a Map 3. In my loop I get the last continuation from that Map and call
4. In all my suspend functions that pauses execution I have code like
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protected suspend fun yield(): Any? = suspendCoroutine { continuation ->
Which updates my stored continuation. and was wondering if there is not an easier/cleaner way for doing that
this doesn't seem like you're using a dispatcher at all?
I thought you were referring to a full
or maybe just called
yeah I was naming my code a dispatcher. I was not talking about the actual