Will `CoroutineExceptionHandler` never handle `Can...
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never handle
? That seems to be the case (see example program in thread) but I can’t find a clear authoritative statement on that this is the case. For example, docs for interface CoroutineExceptionHandler states
when no handler is installed […] CancellationException […] is ignored
rather than “CancellationException is always ignored with CoroutineExceptionHandler
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fun main() = runBlocking {
    val scope =
        CoroutineScope(Job() + CoroutineExceptionHandler { _: CoroutineContext, throwable: Throwable ->
            println("handled  $throwable")

    val job = scope.launch {
        try {
            throw CancellationException()
        } catch (e: CancellationException) {
            println("cancelled, rethrowing");
            throw e

    println("program completed")
but “handled …” is not printed (But if I change to
throw ArithmeticException()
then it is indeed printed)
Yes, it will never handle it. https://link.medium.com/WPEB31h7F5
Thanks, but in what way is that an authorative source? 🤔
Let’s examine the rules
That article seems to do what I already did; deduce rules by experimentation
I looked at the coroutine implementation and found this:
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if (finalException != null) {
            val handled = cancelParent(finalException) || handleJobException(finalException)
            if (handled) (finalState as CompletedExceptionally).makeHandled()
and inside cancelParent() we can find (among other things)
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isCancellation = cause is CancellationException
and by following the code a bit more this is to me authorative enough…
It is not an authorative source (it’s just me 🙂 ), but I looked at the official kotlin documentation and started experimenting from there.