What’s the current best practice to expose deferre...
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What’s the current best practice to expose deferreds (primarily) and suspendable functions to Java APIs. I’d prefer to not require a separate API like RxJava, but as far as I can tell reactivestreams doesn’t have a Single type, and the CompleteableFuture integration doesn’t support lazy coroutines.
And specifically regarding the CompletableFutures, pretty sure there’s a pretty bad problem with Deferreds that have a
start = CoroutineStart.LAZY
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val deferred = scope.async(start = CoroutineStart.LAZY) { "hello" }
val future = deferred.asCompletableFuture()

future.get() // Not sure this will actually cause the deferred to be evaluated
For a project i just used when having to handle with
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I presume the reason that
doesn't work with LAZY is the same reason that the
call says:
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* A value of [CoroutineStart.LAZY] is not supported
 * (since `CompletableFuture` framework does not provide the corresponding capability) and
 * produces [IllegalArgumentException].
I don't know if it would be as good if
just failed, since you could still manually
the deferred in kotlin... but maybe it deserves some documentation
My solution was to wrap the CompletableFuture in a lazy:
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val foo by lazy { scope.future { something.await() } }
I think that gets the correct behavior
In that the future will eagerly start the coroutine, but only when it’s needed