How to convert `fun myFun(): LiveData<MyClass&g...
# coroutines
How to convert
fun myFun(): LiveData<MyClass>
to a suspend function that returns as soon as the LiveData value is set (i.e. the first time since LiveData created)? Note - the actual scenario is Room where I sometimes want LiveData<List> and othertimes just want the List of results, but don’t want to specify the SQL annotation twice. The best I have so far is:
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suspend fun mySuspendFun() = suspendCoroutine<List<MyClass>> { cont ->
        val live = myFun()
        live.observeForever(object: Observer<List<MyClass>> {
            override fun onChanged(it: List<MyClass>) {
For starters, it seems we need a
withContext(Dispatchers.Main) {}
around the
call because
must be called on main thread
LiveData builders is the answer (albeit in reverse but that’s fine)!