getting some proguard compilation warnings after u...
# coroutines
getting some proguard compilation warnings after upgrading to
kotlinx.coroutines 1.2.0
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Warning: kotlinx.atomicfu.AtomicFU: can't find referenced method 'void setInterceptor(kotlinx.atomicfu.AtomicOperationInterceptor)' in program class kotlinx.atomicfu.InterceptorKt
Proguard is configured as per
. I can easily solve this warning by adding a rule to keep the corresponding atomicfu class and its methods, but i was wondering whether it's safe to
it. I have no warnings when using v1.1.1. Anyone experiencing a similar issue?
Any solution? @acando86
For now im going with
-dontwarn kotlinx.atomicfu.**
, not sure if it breaks something
me neither. that was my original question. i've temporary used
but obviously i would like to avoid to poison the proguard configuration file with unnecessary keep rules