I’m currently looking at FoundationDB’s Flow frame...
# coroutines
I’m currently looking at FoundationDB’s Flow framework. https://github.com/apple/foundationdb/tree/master/flow . One of the benefits of the
framework is that they can test their concurrency using a single thread and special dispatching. Could someone possibly point me at some classes that I could look at. I would like to see if I could create a similar CoroutineDispatcher/Scope to handle similar functionality
Suspending operations can be tested pretty easily by using
correct.. but I was intending to simulate concurrency using a single thread. I’m referencing the following


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This simulation framework, allows the testing of concurrent processes by managing the scheduling of the concurrent processes…. So, managing which suspended function is call next… not the current FIFO…
doing this repeatably and deterministically is of HUGE value to anyone working on distributed, conc systems…
^^ @elizarov Any thoughts on this?