I have a class that does file download. I have a f...
# coroutines
I have a class that does file download. I have a function that triggers a download, and returns LiveData with the download progress. For each new call it would return new LiveData and it works nicely when I download 1 file. Now I want to launch new coroutine for each file download under the same scope, so I can cancel all at once if I want to. Can someone help with different ways to do this? or maybe what would be the best way? So I need to launch separate coroutine for each new call to the function, and add it under the same context.
why do you need different way? just start coroutine for each download and control cancellation how you wish
maybe the question is a bit unclear. So the class extends the coroutine scope, and when I call
I am not sure if each launch is added in the scope (after the update to v23). then I could call
to cancel everything under it
correct, that should work