after upgrading to Kotlin 1.2.60 I get weird compi...
# coroutines
after upgrading to Kotlin 1.2.60 I get weird compiler errors regarding `@RestrictsSuspension`:
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    class Foo() {
        suspend fun bar() = Unit

    // ERROR: Restricted suspending functions can only invoke member or extension suspending functions on their restricted coroutine scope
    fun yUnoWork() = runBlocking { Foo().bar() }
In short: this is by design. In order to call restricted function you should have different coroutine builder. Like this:
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fun fooBuilder(c: suspend Foo.() -> Unit) ...
Your code snippet worked in 1.2.50 due to a bug:
@Ilmir Usmanov [JB] I'm not sure I follow. As I said, it works with 1.2.60 in a standard kotlin/jvm gradle project in IDEA.
hm, turns out I was using an old version of the Kotlin plugin in IDEA ­čśĽ