Hey guys! I'm wondering what the advantages of usi...
# coroutines
Hey guys! I'm wondering what the advantages of using coroutines over RxJava.
Smaller & more intuitive. Learning curve is way steeper for RxJava
Produced code is IMO clearer and easier to reason about. And coroutines use kotlin generics allowing easier and safer management of variance an nullable types, (Observable generics have platform type)
i like the syntax. all those chains of `flatMap`s is a hell
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Here are few benefits of channels over rx (IMO): * Can handle null emissions (and in a safe way, thanks to Kotlin type system) * Threading is explicit. With Rx, it's often hard to know on what thread pool each piece of code is executed * ReceiveChannel and SendChannel use on-site variance which can make thinks easier when generic variance is involved. * It is (a lot) easier to create custom operators with channels. * When it comes to parallelism, Coroutines are (IMO) way easier to use and produce clearer code. * pipeline pattern out of the box. So far, I haven't run in a use case that Rx solved and I couldn't handle in a nice and easy way with Channels. If you know one, i would be interested to look at it.
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