``` class ResourceManager<out T>(private val...
# coroutines
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class ResourceManager<out T>(private val resource: T, readConcurrency: Int) {

  private val readWriteLock = ReentrantReadWriteLock()
  private val readContext = newFixedThreadPoolContext(readConcurrency, "reader")
  private val writeContext = newSingleThreadContext("writer")

  suspend fun <R> read(block: (T) -> R): R = withContext(readContext) {
    readWriteLock.readLock().withLock { block(resource) }

  suspend fun <R> write(block: (T) -> R): R = withContext(writeContext) {
    readWriteLock.writeLock().withLock { block(resource) }

Going this way seems to do the trick pretty well, though I still have a dirty feeling about using the locks since they'll block. Maybe that's OK since these are all background threads but I haven't fully convinced myself that there aren't gotchas.
Did this means you solve that problem?