Trying not to shoehorn coroutines where they don't...
# coroutines
Trying not to shoehorn coroutines where they don't fit well (especially since I'm unfamiliar with them) Do coroutines sound like a good fit for that?
This... Its really more about who is doing the job of locating resources to execute your world setup. The problem coroutines were designed to solve is one of thread dispatching; Coroutines allow you to call blocking API's without actually blocking your thread idiomatically. So theres a win on performance --its much easier to use one thread to do lots of things since things are suspending instead of blocking, and theres a win on expressibility --code that normally uses callbacks now looks like a simple serially executing block
Regarding the first point, performance of coroutines, i think this might be important for your server, in a multiplayer setting. Although at that point you probably want to look at some kind of actor system --which might be considered a big-brother scheme to co-routines