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@Alex Welcome! There is https://arrow-kt.io/ in Kotlin for all your FP needs whther beginning data types like Option, Either etc or more complex abstraction like type classes and the Functor hierarchy all accompanied with a purely functional effects system where you can compose pure programs in Kotlin and learn about working with IO and dealing with side effects. https://arrow-kt.io/docs/effects/fx/ Swing by the #arrow-kt and #arrow-contributors channel and feel free to ask any questions or suggest how you’d like to get started. Most newcomers learn by pull request or simply ask question in those channels and people chime in helping out frequently with code snippets and links to materials for follow up. The arrow docs also include extensive tutorials such as : https://arrow-kt.io/docs/patterns/error_handling/ that teach you how to do error handling with FP all the way to building concurrent programs https://arrow-kt.io/docs/effects/fx/async/#parallelization--concurrency
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Sweet... I'll take a look at them in the coming days. Thank you 😊
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Arrow is a joy to work with and the devs in that group are super supportive of newcomers
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