Julien - Yes for development. Already using hot re...
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Julien - Yes for development. Already using hot reload. Copying over the JS file(s) (transpiled via the kotlinjs transpiler) to the server does trigger a hot reload. Thought that hot reload would reset the cache, which doesn't appear to be the case. Tried disabling the server cache:
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val publicHandler = StaticHandler.create("public").apply {

, unfortunately that doesn't make a difference 😦 so the Vert.x Google group is the best hope for a resolution 🐰.
Found out the cause of the issue. Build script fails to locate gradlew in a Gradle multi project. Fixed it by replacing watcherAction with
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val watcherAction = "${projectDir.parent}/gradlew classes"
When looking at the output it isn't obvious when redeployment fails since there isn't a clear error message printed. So when there is a failure the old copy is loaded which makes for a very confusing situation.
Is there any way to speed up hot reloading when a kt file is changed? Seems to take an eternity (about one minute).
Are you using
gradle --continious
? I think vert.x shouldn’t care about .kt files, but rather about .class files