Not exactly EAP related, but right after I migrate...
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Not exactly EAP related, but right after I migrated to Kotlin 1.7.0, I am getting this error at runtime. Can someone please help how to resolve this:
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internal data class PostmanEnvironment(private val environment: MutableMap<String, String?> = mutableMapOf()) :
  MutableMap<String, String?> by environment {
  fun set(key: String, value: String?) {
    environment[key] = value

  fun unset(key: String) {
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Accidental override: The following declarations have the same JVM signature (entrySet()Ljava/util/Set;):
    fun entrySet(): MutableSet<Entry?>? defined in org.revcloud.postman.PostmanEnvironment
    fun entrySet(): MutableSet<MutableMap.MutableEntry<String, String?>> defined in org.revcloud.postman.PostmanEnvironment
Please redirect me if this is not the right channel. Thanks!
Can you please report this to YouTrack with full code sample and steps to reproduce?