# dagger

Iman Sadrian

05/07/2022, 10:26 AM
Hi there, I have one issue in testing a viewModel with Hilt let's assume we have this viewModel:
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open class BottomSheetViewModel @Inject constructor(
    val savedStateHandle: SavedStateHandle,
    val someRepository: SomeRepository,

where SomeRepository is:

open class SomeRepository@Inject constructor(
@ApplicationContext private val context:Context,
 private val appLogManager: AppLogManager
so as you see one of the constructor parameters is savedStateHandle and because of that I can not inject that in test like this:
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lateinit var bottomSheetViewModel: BottomSheetViewModel
so as far as I see, seems the best practice for this is mocking, so I am trying to mock the viewModel like this:
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   val bottomSheetViewModel = mock<BottomSheetViewModel>()
Am I right so far? but the problem is I get some errors when I create a mock from the viewModel
Mockito cannot mock this class: class
Mockito can only mock non-private & non-final classes.
If you're not sure why you're getting this error, please report to the mailing list.
I resolve it with this approach currently🙄 Although it works, I don't like it🥲
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@Inject lateinit var  someRepository: SomeRepository

fun setup() {
    val savedStateHandle = SavedStateHandle()
    bottomSheetViewModel = BottomSheetViewModel(
        savedStateHandle = savedStateHandle,
        someRepository = SomeRepository
but the thing is we can not inject any viewModel assigned with @HiltViewModel in general and it doesn't matter to have a SavedStateHandle in constructor parameter or not
Injection of an @HiltViewModel class is prohibited since it does not create a ViewModel instance correctly.