# android-architecture


04/07/2022, 12:38 PM
Hi Guys! I would like to know about Apps Migration from a Monolith application to same application but using a Modular Architecture. I have some doubts about these points below: 1. Migrate to the Modular Architecture is more feasible to use a Single Activity patterns and inside each module have one or more Fragments with each responsibility related to the module. 2. If I have modular architecture to navigate between Main Activity to the others modules I can use Navigation component (from Jetpack) in a easy way OR I'll need to combine this approach with Navigation + Deeplinks. I really appreciate any information about it, references or best practices :) Thanks

Sam Stone

04/15/2022, 2:51 AM
What do you mean by monolithic and modular? I have a vague sense of what it means in backend application, but not in Android.


04/18/2022, 11:11 AM
@Sam Stone monolithic apps are app that is not a builded using modular fashion and have all of things inside, them producing a big-ball of mud in the context of apps. You can imagine that is the same (similar) to the backend.