# android-architecture

Kinnar Vasa

04/14/2021, 4:11 PM
Hi Team, Anyone tried navigation graph in multi-module. My project having 2 modules: 1. application module 2. feature module Now, main application contains tab layout using navigation. When user taps on item of tab 1 -> it loads feature module navigation graph with back arrow and show in full screen (tabs should be hidden) Now, if I just use navigation event for navigate to module graph -> it’s showing bottom tab.  i understood issue, i.e. FragmentContainerview having only available area except tabs. So, it’s replacing there. But, now I want this in full screen. And I don’t want to expose more things in main module. Does anyone having idea? Thanks in advance.
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04/17/2021, 2:36 AM
Hi, when using dynamic feats, you could put the bottomnav in the home fragment, but, you also change the main navigation graph for the destinatation change in the bottom nav, youre doin well for the separation of the modules, but, the bottomnav has a different setup using viewpager, handle it with care