# android-architecture


02/10/2021, 9:13 AM
Hello guys I have a question to the ones that have modularised apps by features. How are you doing the navigation between features in the app? (Activities and Fragments). I've read that there's bunch of ways but since I did not try all I want you to give me some feedback, I'm about to start a demo project and this is a part that I still don't know how to make it... What I've read (if you have any example of one of those and you can share it with me I'd appreciate): 1. Usage of deep-link to navigate through the app 2. What google "suggested" that is to "hard-code" the
and create an intent of it (but what about Fragments?) @Gael Marhic I've read about quadrant, but is there any way to do it for Fragments? And is there any way to avoid using an external plugin? 3. Using coordinates or routers

Joost Klitsie

02/10/2021, 9:51 AM
I think you can manage it with the navigation component