12/16/2019, 7:40 PM
If anyone is looking for a job, I am launching a new company early next year with a super talented team. We are using Kotlin, Flutter, and TensorFlow. Prior experience with those tools are not required, as training will be provided. We welcome folks from all backgrounds! We will be based out of Chicago, but full-time remote work is an option. Our pay is competitive and we will be providing some awesome benefits. We value work-life balance so unlike many startups your time outside of work will be respected! Also, interviews will be chill and won't involve ridiculous problems designed to make you feel bad. We'll just get together, chat about the platform and product, work on some actual project work, and see if we like working together. No crazy questions about foobar or fibonacci algorithms or some obscure fact about the JVM! At this time we are not yet ready to publicly announce the product due to NDAs, but I am authorized to discuss privately on behalf of the executive team as CTO, and would love to introduce you to the rest of the leadership team! At this time I am able to say that it will involve building a distributed platform that involves machine learning. There will be a web and mobile component. We are currently looking to hire 1 or 2 engineers some time early next year (February/March timeframe), and ramp up another 4 engineers over the next year.
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12/19/2019, 9:51 PM
You ok with remote? 😉


12/19/2019, 9:54 PM
We are, with the right people. 😉
My philosophy is to hire smart people, give them the right tools and a safe space to do their job and empower them to solve the right problems in the way that works best for them.