I’m considering using SQLDelight in a (multiplatfo...
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I’m considering using SQLDelight in a (multiplatform) project to store some read-only JSON documents. I was planning on implementing `ColumnAdapter`s that use
to serialize/deserialize an actual class from a String column I’m trying to determine how to handle changes to the JSON document’s schema (which is just a change in the
@Serializable data class
). In most of those cases, I’d be fine with dropping the old data and repopulating it next time I fetch from the server. I could write a
file that drops all rows in the tables containing impacted documents, but I’m foreseeing situations where someone updates the data class without writing a migration. Since the sqlite schema would still just have the row as a String, I’m assuming that SQLDelight’s migration verifications would still pass. Is there a way to ignore/drop data that doesn’t deserialize properly in my
? Should I just be making all of my types nullable?
Either you can cover it with tests or you handle it in your column adapter and for example catch serialization exceptions and return some default value