Are you saying you use package-less imports to wor...
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Are you saying you use package-less imports to work around the lack of type resolution to know definitively from which package a type exists?
no, i'm parsing sources with properties of type
so that's all the parser has to work with. same with, say,
. Trying to correctly map those packageless types to the correct autoimported types is ... not 100%
i have a good enough solution in place where I can 'backfill' those packages and emit the correct imports but it would be nicer to not import at all and let kotlinc autoresolve those types.
but that would break the ksp use case in that issue.
i think having an explicit
for those ksp types would be less ambiguous but, again, changing now would break things.
so i've gone with the whitelist route where I can map packageless types to known autoimported types with a mechanism to add to that list for types i haven't explicitly mapped. it's not perfect but probably good enough and doesn't require any changes outside of kibble.
i'm ok with that, i think. at least for now until i see corner cases i've missed. ­čśä