Any news on how soon we’ll have the JS/Web version...
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Any news on how soon we’ll have the JS/Web version of SqlDelight, and which are the main issues there at the moment?
It's available under 1.5.0-SNAPSHOT
I've been using it for a little while and I haven't seen any real issues. It just requires a bit of webpack config to set up (if building for the web) and the driver has to be initialized asynchronously
I hope there will soon be an official documentation available. When can we expect that for?
actually thats a good point, @Derek Ellis any chance of some documentation similar to getting contributed?
ideally we could have a “Getting Started With Javascript” for the main site
im happy to help with that too i just dont actually know how to set it up lol
I've been thinking about it! Just haven't had time to get to it yet. I think the big question I have is how multiplatform support would be represented in the docs since the JS driver is so different from the others.
Is there any near term plans to release the version that supports it?
i think we should first document how to use the JS driver on its own, separate from multiplatform
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similar to how we have documentation for SQLite on Kotlin Native
and then we can extend the multiplatform docs later if we want to
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might be 1.5.0 since theres a lot of pretty exciting changes in it
the variants issue is big and would like to fix that first