Hello, I’d link to build a replacement to `android...
# compiler
Hello, I’d link to build a replacement to
! I love it and I don’t want to use
as we have lots and lots of layout and running its annotation processor is making the project quite unstable. So the question is, where do I start for the core of its functionality, meaning adding a Hashmap to any class that uses it, and call
on the first use of a property? 😄
But you’re in luck. The project is still available. You could just recreate the compiler plugin (without parcelize). It’s just a little annoying, so I didn’t continue with it. You’d have to rewrite most of the tests and maybe even port the plugin to the IR api
Yeah I can take the current project as its still there. I don’t understand why it doesn’t get extracted out of the kotlin project itself, because it could still be a valid option…