Hi, I use `IrGenerationExtension` to modify the IR...
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Hi, I use
to modify the IR for the current module. But is there a way to modify the IR coming from other modules? I know that seems odd. But the use case is in the context of JS. When a 'binary' is created, kotlin-IR-JS generates a js file that contains all the depended on modules also, and I want to adjust the JS that is generated for a depended on module - i.e. via the IR. thanks
could you please clarify what you want to achieve?
maybe, I'll try it. The use case is explained above. I have a plugin that modifies the IR. But it is only able to modify the IR for modules being built, not modules that are dependencies (e.g. built by someone else at a different time, pulled off maven etc)( I want to be able to modify the IR for all modules in the dependency hierachy.