Hi, is there a method to parse a File into a IrFil...
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Hi, is there a method to parse a File into a IrFile ? (I know that i can get IrFiles with IrGenerationExtension, but that compile phase is too late for my usecase)
Hi, depends on what you are trying to achieve. If you want to compile a file into IrFile separately, you can emulate compilation chain yourself. In case you want to have a compiler plugin and add files to existing compilation, I think IR is not quite a right place to do so. I would look into AnalysisHandlerExtension and use KtFiles for that instead.
@shikasd any pointers on that API? Unfortunately it's undocumented
@Zac Sweers which one are you looking for? One for creating IrFiles or KtFiles?
I guess IrFiles? I'm looking to familiarize myself and was eyeing reimplementing auto-service and auto-factory
Hm, it feels like Ir is too low level for this, it is usually used for (bytecode) generation rather than understanding the contents If you want to reimplement auto service as a compiler plugin, I would suggest looking into DeclarationChecker API and check annotations from there. I could give some code pointers when I am near the laptop :)
So, not sure why exactly you want to create either Kt or Ir files from source code, but here's the ways Compose does it for tests:
is pretty straight-forward, there's a factory in compiler that exposes a method to parse
(thin abstraction on top of disk/memory files) into `KtFile`: https://cs.android.com/androidx/platform/frameworks/support/+/androidx-main:compose/[…]/compose/compiler/plugins/kotlin/AbstractCodegenTest.kt;l=251
is a bit more annoying, there are a lot of weird things to setup, and you also need to assemble half of compiler here, but you can do it as well: https://cs.android.com/androidx/platform/frameworks/support/+/androidx-main:compose/[…]pose/compiler/plugins/kotlin/AbstractIrTransformTest.kt;l=341 Otherwise, if you want to create a compiler plugin which hooks into existing compilation and analyses classes from there, you need to use extension API. For your goals, I suggest using
, e.g. https://github.com/ShikaSD/compiler-plugin-talk-example/blob/master/compiler-plugin/src/main/kotlin/SerializationDeclarationChecker.kt. You can check the annotations, emit resources into the build folder and then merge them into final jar. But, if you fancy something more powerful (e.g. running a separate gradle task for all of this),
is the thing you need. It is allows to fully analyse the module and then abandon codegen/return an error/retry with more files. Afaik, KSP uses it under the hood.
thanks so much! i'll take a look. I was starting with
is what I'd been looking at currently