Hey I've created <https://github.com/hadilq/tracka...
# compiler
Hey I've created https://github.com/hadilq/trackable-compiler-plugin and all the tests in the sample project and android sample tests are passing. You can simply check it by running
./gradlew clean check
, but when I tried it on a simple new android project created by AS, the same tests throw
NoSuchMethodException: com.github.hadilq.emptycomposeandroid.TrackableClass.track()
I have to add that it seems the compiler plugin is installed because it compiles without
Unresolved ...
, but at the runtime there is no generated method! Any idea would be appreciated. Thank you for your time 🙂
Please use v0.1.1 to download the plugin
In fact I test it again with a new project created by AS 4.0 and it totally worked 😄 Previously I have created the new project with AS 4.1(A compose project) 😕 and it didn't work, so I asked this question here! Thank you guys 🙂