Hi all :wave: I ran into something very weird when...
# compiler
Hi all ūüĎč I ran into something very weird when trying to check the compiled code for a simple coroutine example. Following 9 lines of Kotlin code result in 12, 402 lines of Java code according to IntellIJ‚Äôs decompiler.
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import kotlin.coroutines.Continuation
import kotlin.coroutines.EmptyCoroutineContext
import kotlin.coroutines.startCoroutine

val f: suspend () -> String = suspend { "Hello World!" }

fun main() {
  f.startCoroutine(Continuation(EmptyCoroutineContext, ::println))
Also, please report bugs directly to http://kotl.in/issue. Thanks!
@Alexey Belkov [JB] thanks for the quick response!