I promised myself I would branch out this year and...
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I promised myself I would branch out this year and use AoC to learn some other language, but doing it in Kotlin is just too attractive.... So once more I will be attempting to do AoC 2020 in Kotlin common code, and run my solution on the JVM, in Node, and using a native executable on Windows. For no particular reason I'll be using GraalVM for running the JVM part, and will probably see what happens when I run the JS version in Graal as well.
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I mean, it is very fun to write code in Kotlin so I don't blame you 🙂 Since October 1, I got a new assignment (consultant) where I get to write Kotlin all day...it's almost strange to get paid for it!
Awesome! I was hoping you would do that this year. I learned a lot from you last year Joris!
Thanks Todd, and likewise! I always enjoy this group's friendly discussions, that's a big part of the fun for me
Me too. Coming here and chatting about the solutions with a friendly group is so much fun. One of the things I like about Kotlin (and mention in my talks) is how friendly and welcoming the community is.
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For me Kotlin is attractive as well. I have also decided to widen my perspective so I have decided to explore a new platform. My background is Kotlin+Android, so now playing with Kotlin+Spring