hmm do you publish source jars? idea usually downl...
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hmm do you publish source jars? idea usually downloads them but did not
Which repository do you use? Jcenter or bintray?
in either cases, sources and javadoc are there: - - Maybe a bug of intellij, what version are you using?
I can reproduce the problem. Even though the sources are downloaded (you can verify it under Project Structure (usually CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+S) -> Libraries. In my case the sources are shown but IntelliJ still does not attach them. I'll keep you updated if I have a workaround
The problems seems to be this issue 😞
It seems I already voted for it 😄
nah... that is not the problem. Seems like it is a problem because toBe is overloaded. Could you please try
and tell me if you can see KDoc and source code?
-- works for me and it is in the same file as
a bit unfortunate that it does not work for
considering that this is most probably the most widely used function of Atrium 😞
voted for the issue
👍 1