I've been using detekt `1.19.0-RC1` on my Android ...
# detekt
I've been using detekt
on my Android project. The type resolution tasks cannot find Android classes so they report many false positives. For example
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val sensorManager: SensorManager = context.getSystemService() ?: return null
    val sensor = sensorManager.getDefaultSensor(sensorType) ?: return null
Reports unreachable code for everything after the first
?: return null
because it cannot find the type of
and seems to assume that it always returns null. See
warnings also when checking and then casting for classes that extend
. Is there any configuration that I can do to make detekt find the Android classes during type resolution?
Just saw RC2 was out, upgrading to that removed the false warnings
Yup we already fixed that ­čĹŹ