Hello, do you recommend any kotlin books for exper...
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Hello, do you recommend any kotlin books for experienced java developer? Not super basics. Would be nice if there will be something about coroutines too, but its nice-to-have as this topic is fresh. So I guess books about them are not out yet :D
For coroutines If you interested about practical usage, I would just read kotlinx.coroutines guide https://github.com/Kotlin/kotlinx.coroutines/blob/master/docs/coroutines-guide.md and, if you interested about internals, KEEP: https://github.com/Kotlin/KEEP/blob/master/proposals/coroutines.md
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@Kamil Wujec +1 on Kotlin in Action. Also, if you already know Android, then @antonioleiva’s book is awesome, too
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Also Kotlin Apprentice and Android Apprentice (all Kotlin based) from RayWenderlich.com
My book is for non-Java devs 😁