# arrow-contributors


02/12/2020, 12:17 PM
@Rachel @raulraja I had a discussion with @simon.vergauwen the other day about helping with the Arrow MPP effort. Please feel free to send me a PM / mention me if you think there is something I can contribute to in this topic.
This is great!
Are you planning to use the Kotlin DSL with Gradle, or Groovy?


02/12/2020, 2:20 PM
The split doesn't include a change in that sense (we'll continue with Groovy). However, we can move forward in another direction afterwards if it's necessary 👍


02/12/2020, 3:26 PM
@addamsson do you feel the Kotlin DSL has been improved so much lately that it’s worth refactoring to get more out of Gradle?
I’ve tried it a couple times very early on and felt disappointed.


02/12/2020, 8:14 PM
i'm kinda conflicted
I moved my projects to the Kotlin DSL
because I had nice examples
the docs improved a lot
now there are Groovy/Kotlin kodes next to each other in a lot of the examples
but some areas still need improvement
for example dokka is useless
so I don't think that for a project with this size the change can be justified
it doesn't add much value apart from the ability to write Kotlin
it is advertised that you get better code exploration features but in practice most of the code is undocumented and you're in the dark as much as before
i'm very disappointed with the current state of MPP in general
when it works it is wonderful but you can spend weeks trying to figure out how to make it work