I also plan on supporting an `Api` section which i...
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I also plan on supporting an
section which is instrospected from the type listing all its public API and deriving runnable examples from the Kdoc they are annotated with
Not 100% sure I follow the this. Why not just use dokka?
Dokka is great and we can use to generate the API docs. But when we want info from the types in Jekyll in markdown we can't intermix dokka in our docs afaik
I may use the dokka API to read the docs and use the same code format they use
So it works on both places
Correct me if I missunderstand dokka
I'm still don't quite follow what you want to do 😅 so couldn't say ;p
I want o generate a block embedded in our docs including the list of public methods and if they contain examples in their kdoc include them for the playgrounds in our site to run them
Dokka afaik would just generate API docs like traditional Java docs
Dokka does a little more. You can also inline examples that are written as tests and IntelliJ also has tooling to show it in tooling.
Don't think they have support for runnable docs (yet?)
I did a small POC for Helios. I can push the branch and you could check it out
that'd be great, thanks!
Sample in action:
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