Hey folks, I've got an intermittently failing mock...
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Hey folks, I've got an intermittently failing mockk issue that I'm curious if anybody else has ever dealt with. We have a metrics interface with a
function that I'm trying to mock:
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interface Metrics {
    suspend fun <T> timed(name: String, f: suspend () -> T): T
So you would think you could mock that with:
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val mockMetrics: Metrics = mockk()
val funSlot = slot<suspend () -> Either<Nothing, Transfer>>()
coEvery { mockMetrics.timed(any(), capture(funSlot)) } coAnswers { funSlot.captured() }
mockMetrics.timed("metricName") { foo() }
That is only sometimes correct, which is the worst kind of correct. Depending on how I run the tests (kotest tests running on gradle), the test containing this mock will pass sometimes. When it fails, we get a
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io.mockk.MockKException: no answer found for: Metrics(#3).timed(mmp.process.transfer.latency, continuation {}, continuation {})
which implies that
takes three arguments. I believe that's expected behavior, based on how suspend functions compile behind the scenes. But that also implies that our installed answer on our mocked
call complied differently -- but only sometimes. Has anyone dealt with behavior like this before? My current workaround is just writing a custom little MockMetrics class instead of using mockk for it.
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Hi Davis,
depending on how I run the tests
are there particular run strategies that always fail vs others that succeed?
The test passes in the following scenarios: • clicking the 'run test' icon in IntelliJ on the individual test or the class • right-clicking the test directory and hitting 'run tests in <service>' • Running the individual test using the 'kotest' IntelliJ plugin (see picture:
instrumented processor returns the result
) And the test fails in the following scenarios: • running the entire module using the 'kotest' IntelliJ plugin (see picture:
modules: xxx.core.test
) -- this is the super weird one to me • running
./gradlew test
It smells like a test runner issue to me, but the fact that running the tests differently using the kotest plugin produces different results is baffling me
It looks to me like Issue #288 is related/similar. Doesn't explain the inconsistent behavior, but looks like a known issue is in the same ballpark.
I have my … work laptop up and running this morning so I’m going to try and reproduce. I feel like I’ve seen similar to this in the past. Are you able to mock appropriately without using the
The slot does not appear to affect it. I see the same behavior when I hardcode the return value
Interesting- this appears to be even more inconsistent than I had initially described. The test now sometimes passes (~ 70% of the time) when I
./gradlew test
or run the entire module with the kotest plugin