It’s a pity that the difference between default (s...
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It’s a pity that the difference between default (strict) and relaxed mocks is not properly explained in the docs on the main page. Their code examples look almost the same to me and fail to highlight the differences. One has to reach the “MockK features” article linked to get a proper explanation.
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i tend to agree, that part of the docs could use some love 🙂 Do you have any suggestions (or maybe even a pr 😊 ) on how it could be improved?
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it should at least somewhat familiar to users coming from other mocking libraries (e.g.
, cascading in JMockIt, niceMock() in EasyMock) but there isn't really a uniform name for them :-/
You’re right Mattia, I will try to improve that section with a PR as soon as I find time. Let’s see if it comes out more understandable 🤞
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