Hello, World! I'm trying to find `NSURLSessionTas...
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Hello, World! I'm trying to find
(this) in Kotlin, but I'm not seeing it. I'm suspecting it may be because it's a recent API that's not yet in Kotlin? (related: wondering how this works actually, does Kotlin keep up with new Apple APIs? Is there a doc with the current version of the APIs that is supports?)
Looks like this was added with iOS 15.0 which was released like 2 months before the last Kotlin “major” version 1.6.0, so I too wonder why it would not be available now in Kotlin
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On 1.6.21, I can access NSURLSessionTask().delegate if that’s what you’re looking for.
@Landry Norris That's right! I was on 1.6.10 on my side. So, mystery solved: it was indeed a case of this API being too recent, it seems. Thanks a lot!
now this means we need to be careful! If we use it, users of our lib that want to integrate it with iOS will have a minimum requirement of iOS 15!