Is there any serious plan to make AppCode have dec...
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Is there any serious plan to make AppCode have decent Kotlin/Native debugging? I just tried 2020.2 with the 1.4.0-release-AppCode-202.6397.122-7 kotlin/native plugin with a fresh “Single View app with a Kotlin/Native framework” template. It still does not support the variable view (though rather than hang, it at least says “not available”).
It's pretty sad isn't it? On one hand, I marvel at the number of initiatives JetBrains do manage to pull off all at once... on the other hand, the gap between AppCode and their Kotlin/Native on iOS efforts is glaring.
AppCode remains an invaluable tool for iOS Dev for it's superior Swift source code editing abilities.
Just maybe there are plans afoot to bring iOS Development into IntelliJ and/or Android Studio
Would be 'interesting' to see iOS support make it into Google's branded IDE, but stranger things have happened.
well the MPP plugin is clearly based on the Appcode / CLion Kotlin Native plugin, so I’m sure it’s the same people and they were just told to focus on MPP to get the momentum there, and it will eventually make it’s way back to appcode
but this leaves you in a very strange situation when you want to debug both Swift and Kotlin/Native code in the same project