hey, I’m curious if someone has solved the problem...
# ios
hey, I’m curious if someone has solved the problem of publishing iOS frameworks as Maven artifacts (to Artifactory, for example). I know it’s not officially supported (yet?), are there good solutions out there? So far I’ve been able to find this: https://github.com/SalomonBrys/kotlin-ios-universal-framework. Related question: does anyone know why Kotlin’s CocoaPods plugin is hardcoded to use static frameworks only? (https://github.com/JetBrains/kotlin/blob/0fe5694cb761e9de55ea76062a258b99677adaea/libraries/tools/kotlin-gradle-plugin/src/main/kotlin/org/jetbrains/kotlin/gradle/targets/native/tasks/CocoapodsTasks.kt#L75)
I don’t know if if it’s related to the topic here, but I have make it work myself. We can zip the .framework folder up and upload the zip file to the repository manager. And we need to create a podspec file that points to the download link of the zip file in the repo manager.