Or does anyone have a good Android/iOS Kotlin Mult...
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Or does anyone have a good Android/iOS Kotlin Multiplatform example? Only requirement is that it has to build with Xcode 10.2.1… 🙂
Another good example app is https://github.com/touchlab/DroidconKotlin
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Wow - that actually compiled! 🎉
We needed to create a Firebase project and download our own
file - but it actually compiles and runs!
I saw you worked on this project @kpgalligan - any tipps on how to debug the Kotlin code in AppCode? Or is that something that is not available yet?
This would be really helpful 🙂
Well, we published an Xcode plugin for Kotlin: https://hackernoon.com/kotlin-xcode-plugin-64f52ff8dc2a
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This PR would make AppCode debugging more usable: https://github.com/JetBrains/kotlin-native/pull/2972
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You can manually improve the appcode experience with the following: https://kotlinlang.slack.com/archives/C3PQML5NU/p1560347614125600
I’m waiting on sqldelight release with Kotlin 1.3.40, then we’ll update the droidcon app code
wow, nice - thanks for the update @kpgalligan 🎉
We really have to update https://github.com/Kotlin/mpp-example so this works seemlessly with Xcode and with AppCode (including debugging)
because it is kind of cumbersome for newcomers to the topic Kotlin multiplatform to dive into Firebase / wait for dependencies like sqldelight
Yeah, the “getting started” story isn’t great, but should improve in the coming months.
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OMG, this would be so great! 🎉