Didn't <@U0AK3QC2V> sort of touch on this whole WA...
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Didn't @abreslav sort of touch on this whole WASM only idea at the KotlinConf 2017 keynote? He seemed to like it but also seemed to think it was more for the future. It was really brief, I don't think he said what his reasons were.
That future involving WASM is much closer to reality than many people might realise.
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I hope you're right. I am super excited for it. Strangely enough in the long term I actually see WASM as a JVM competitor. I see no reason why it wouldn't end up getting adoption on the backend as well and we're basically looking at another write once run anywhere bytecode. Only unlike the JVM, WASM actually has / will have frontend adoption. Seems like it could also make sort of electron style universal apps actually be viable as well. Lots of cool possibilities in a future where WASM takes off.