I have shared my thoughts in this gist called "My ...
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I have shared my thoughts in this gist called "My call for Kotlin as a major frontend language" https://gist.github.com/sdeleuze/0da8c3d6a43c659977a16e017020503b
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Interesting post. Another reason I feel Kotlin/JS in particular hasn't taken off is because most of the people using it are coming from the JVM side and are inexperienced with JavaScript. I've been trying to help with this gap by answering questions as well as I can in #javascript and creating several starter repos on my github, but the community is still small
@gbaldeck there's definitely also wayyy less documentation for kotlin/js than kotlin/jvm. Most articles pretty much assume the reader is a Java dev and explain Kotlin concepts in terms of Java analogies. But regaurdless there are a lot of good points in @sdeleuze post, it seems like Kotlin with its multiplatform and clean DSL support is uniquely positioned to take major advantage of wasm on the frontend right now.
@gbaldeck, I feel it too that the community for Kotlin/JS is still small and quiet. Some people who are knowledgeable in both languages should do more to grow this community up. Kotlin on client-side is still dominated by Android development, and is perceived by many as for Android only. But, Kotlin should have great potential for other client platforms, especially web.
Thought I would throw in my own 2 cents. Documentation with Kotlin JS is certainly a big issue, but not with the standard web APIs in the Kotlin JS std lib since they very closely match the actual ones (very easy to find the relevant docs via MDN). Lack of focus by JB on Kotlin JS hasn't helped matters when it comes to adoption/mind share. Seems to be too much focus on the mobile side (especially with Kotlin Native). It is important to remember that one of the primary design goals with Kotlin is for the language to be versatile.