# code-coverage


07/28/2020, 10:36 AM
Ok folks. I've finally had enough. The code coverage situation in general is deplorable, for Kotlin it is even worse and for KMP worse still. So I am going to bite the bullet and take a few months to, hopefully, kickstart a new code coverage tool, an open source project that treats KMP as a first class citizen and any language that has a Language Server Protocol implementation reasonably well. The tool be source based (use a source-source transformation) thus eliminating the myriad problems caused by code generation tools with Jacoco and other current object based instances. Jetpack Compose doesn't stand a prayer with Jacoco based on my early experiences instrumenting the JetNews sample app. For now, I will call this tool CCT (names are not my forte). I will be asking lots of questions in this channel about Kotlin of course. If you have opinions, comments, observations, questions ... the thread awaits them.
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And of course CCT will be written in Kotlin and runnable from the command line via Gradle.