05/05/2020, 4:22 PM
Some feedback needed here: @Peter Klimai wants to implement interface level with krangl. Obviously we need this integration when we want to peform some kind of performance-critical mathematic operations on krangl data. The question is when we should do it and which structures are important.
In this case we intend kmath as an interface layer which will allow copy-free interoperability with other mathematical libraries.

Peter Klimai

07/02/2020, 12:06 PM
@Iaroslav Postovalov we were looking for some feedback here but I don't think we got any. Anyhow I didn't do anything yet on this, so you are welcome to try.


07/02/2020, 12:24 PM
@Peter Klimai nice, I forgot about this discussion. The thing with krangl and kmath is that they have different aim. Krangl or dataforge-tables work with typed data, mostly in columnar format. They are intended to works with rows and columns, but rarely with the whole data block. Kmath nd-structures are about uniform strunctures and operations on them. I am not sure that there should be direct interoperability between those.