Currently listening to a remote software meeting o...
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Currently listening to a remote software meeting on BM@N experiment. They are talking about super-computers and grid computing system. The same was on IAXO meeting yesterday. People are more inclined to buy more powerfull computers than to work on better software that requires fewer resources. I hope that kotlin scientific community will be able to change that.
I doublt Kotlin will change human nature. Throwing resources at stuff is long honored tradition for us as a species and usually is the default behaviour. It is only done differently when you have a person with vision, talent for long-term planning,good judgement and strong will in the position of power. Unfortunately this is a rare combination - five somewhat rare factors in one place.
I installed a software to control a robot today. It requires .net 3.5 AND 4.6 and they ask for an i7 with 16g of ram…
just clicking in the GUI (with almost no logic, just showing a list of actions) is slow
agreed with @Czar, we will not change people, but at least we can do our job properly, and maybe they will come.m
Yup, even if we don't change the world, we can make life easier for those who are around us 🙂 Small clusters of happiness 🙂
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some people around me will probably continue coding in R…