<@U0C2CG716> sorry I've been off the grid lately. ...
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@dalexander sorry I've been off the grid lately. I've had some work keeping me busy and my career is possibly at an inflection point. I am teaching a class at University of Southern California next year and started a company on the side. I'll try to re-engage. https://www.nieldconsultinggroup.com/
Well, if you need some help feel free to contact me. Our lab has a lot of things to do right now, but a little bit of AI never hurts. Our speciality seems to be Bayesian analysis and networks at the moment since we are planning few projects with it.
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I appreciate that thanks! I may hit that up later as I'm doing a lot of Bayesian research right now. Hoping I can use it for a problem at work and also make it a core tool when I'm lacking data that will never exist.