It is not directly connected with Splitties, but a...
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It is not directly connected with Splitties, but as it is about moving from xml, I'll ask here 🙂 The most common practice to have some set of colors is to put them into
file (something like
<color name="colorBlack">#000000</color>
) But is there any better way having in mind that we try to eliminate xml files in our projects? 🙂 I'm thinking about some helper class with constant values:
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const val Black = 0x000000.toInt()
Does it sound reasonable? Is it somehow better than xml? Or it really doesn't matter in practice? What do you think?
There's already
. That said, as long as the colors target only Android, I keep them in xml because I then have coloring in the IDE.
How would it work with theming and e.g. dark mode? Btw maybe you’ll find AirBnb’s
library interesting, I think it’s aiming for styling the views programmatically
@wasyl Thanks a lot for a link! Actually I was not thinking about themes at all 😞 In android world I've never seen an app that supports more than one theme (even Gmail/Outlook/Whatsapp). Just checked out - not so many apps support it: - but YouTube predictably has dark theme. Theming looks good for me from another point - it makes it harder to miss some attribute and reduces copy-paste for similar components. Do you use theming in your apps? Do you think it is critical to support it? 🙂
It looks like Paris is not a silver bullet - it has many limitations in out-of-box styling support, especially for custom components. Probably that's not their fault - it is a problem of whole android ecosystem built on xml. I've already faced with some troubles when it is not possible to change some property programmatically - only from xml or via reflection...
I had cloned Airbnb/Paris to look at it and found it quite over-engineered especially to just circumvent Android limitations. About DayNight theme, here are the well known apps that support them: Slack, Google Calendar, Drive, Keep, Contacts, Phone, Files Go, Photos, Twitter and more. So let me disagree strongly on what you said: "I've never seen an app that supports more than one theme"
I’m really ok with having resources like colors in XML files which are basically lists. I’m just not ok seeing views as resources, and in general XML files with more than 1 level
Thank you guys! Finally it took only 1 day for me to support dark theme - everything that I needed was to support another colors.xml for dark theme 😉 So the best answer for original question is to support colors via xml, as google has already done most of the stuff for us.