So I converted a project from using dagger/javax.i...
# arrow-meta
So I converted a project from using dagger/javax.inject to using
. The code compiles fine without the arrow meta gradle plugin (with runtime exceptions because of the
default parameters), but with the plugin, I'm getting a compiler error:
java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unbound type parameters are forbidden: [Unbound private symbol]
Project: Repo (3.2-arrow-meta branch, build with
./gradlew build
) Stack trace: Gradle build scan Is there a good way for me to go about debugging this? And if this is the same issue, then it might just be an issue in Kotlin that'll be fixed in 1.4.20.
it’s probably just on the Kotlin IR side but a way to attempt to debug it is to put a debug point on IllegalArgumentException then trace back when it pauses on the crash to see if it’s a descriptor meta is synthetically altering or is simply the IR Lowering not supporting.
since it comes from IR you calso call irElement.dump() or metas irDump() at the end to get the IR tree and see if it includes incorrect transformations for that particular node since it’s complaining about type args that are not bound.